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Custom Options for your Lazy Susan

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Premium Aluminum Bases

Our premium bearings are available in 9", 13", 18", 24", and 30" diameters for maximum support of the entire range of our lazy susan models.

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Bearing Recessing

Applicable to our larger (20"+) lazy susan models with the Premium Aluminum bearing (see above) only. This option allows the lazy susan to sit lower to the table for a more integrated look with the tabletop. Pricing is based on the bearing size. Please call for ordering information.

PLEASE NOTE!!!: these prices are NOT for the purchase of a bearing mechanism. They are only for cutting the recessed channel the bearing sits in to make your lazy susan sit lower to the table. Thank you.

13" Base : $25
18" Base : $45
24" Base : $60
30" Base : $75

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Finish Options

On all of our lazy susans, we generally apply an industrial grade precatalyzed finish that delivers a beautiful, smooth coating that is both durable and resistant to water and most mild cleaners. However, you may want a different finish for your piece, in which case we offer the following finishes:

Handrubbed Oil/Polyurethane (add 15%)
Industrial Polyurethane (add 35%)
Epoxy Mirror-Coat- waterproof (add 40%)

Please call us at 254-307-8624 for more information on any of the above options.

Got questions? E-mail us at mesquitevalley@yahoo.com