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Lazy Susan Sizing Chart

Lazy Susan Diameter Table Width (Round) Table Width (Rectangle/Square)
12-16" 36"-42" 36"
16"-20" 42"-48" 42"
18"-24" 45"-52" 44"-48"
24"-28" 52"-60" 48"-52"
28"-32" 58"-66" 54"
36" 66"-72" 60"
40" 72"-80" 72"+
45" 80"-84" -
48" 84"-90" -

Larger sizes available on request.

90"+ -

These measurements are only general guidelines. Considerations to follow when measuring for the size of lazy susan you need for your table include:

  • Your place setting arrangement. (Particularly for rectangle tables)
  • The overall size of your place settings (glasses/goblets, chargers, side plates, etc.)
  • Range of reach.  The average 5'8" adult can comfortably reach up to 20" when seated, idealy not more than 18".
  • If you want to serve large dishes of food, rather than just condiments, etc., 24" is the minimum starting point for an everyday size meal that seves 5.  Come Thanksgiving and the tom-turkey, think towards 30"-32" minimum.

If you have any questions specific to your application, don't hesitate to call us and we will be happy to assist you in choosing the right size.  You may also email or text a photo of your table or counter so that we can visualize with you what you need.  Our email is mesquitevalley@yahoo.com or you can text photos to 254-307-8624.

Got questions? E-mail us at mesquitevalley@yahoo.com