Wood Lazy Susan Turntables ~ Mesquite & Pecan Lumber ~ Kitchen Accessories

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Mixed Woods

Mixed Woods
Please select a wood lazy susan diameter that is right for you.

We custom design and craft each lazy Susan for you, so you can get exactly what you need from us, at a price you can afford. Order a custom lazy Susan today. For most buyers with a table between 36-45" inches across, a diameter of between 12-20" is good. If you have a big table, you may consider going with our large size such as a 24-36" size. The super-size lazy susans are ideal for placing in the middle of a long dining table or extra large round table.

For help purchasing the perfect size lazy susan for you, click here.

As a general rule, we recommend keeping about 14" of table space around the lazy susan for plates and cups.

Got questions? E-mail us at mesquitevalley@yahoo.com