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36" Standard Lazy Susan

Item# LS-FR-36
Price: $424.99
On Sale! $374.99
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Large Wood Lazy Susans are perfect for using when entertaining guests or for keeping the food going around at dinner. They are a valuable time and space saver at the table and large lazy susans cut down on passing dishes and plates for that second helping. Our customers tell us they never realized how much they wood use a lazy susan until they had one for themselves; now it just seems natural to them. Order one today and see for yourself how useful and beautiful Mesquite Valley's handcrafted tabletop lazy susans are!

All our wood lazy Susans are finished with a beautiful, tough polyurethane that is both water and heat resistant.

Based on our best-selling mesquite lazy Susan, we offer our wood lazy susans in a wide array of hardwoods to suit everyone's personal style. Show above in mesquite.

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