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18" Natural Edge Lazy Susan

Item# LS-NE-18
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Want to place a piece of American history on your table? Are you looking for the ultimate rustic, lodge-style feel for your lazy susan? Our exclusive handcrafted natural edge lazy susans provide a one-of-a-kind conversation centerpiece that is both functional and impressive.

Building around the unique qualities of the native Texas mesquite tree, we hand select each of these pieces to showcase its inherent beauty and character. Not one slice is identical to the next, so we cannot guarantee a particular shape, we just have to be content with what nature gives us! Natural bark inclusions or insect holes are often present and are not considered a defect, but a feature.

The 18" size is our 2nd best selling size, and is excellent for medium sized tables and as kitchen countertop or island centerpieces. Average age of these trees is 75-80 years.

Measurements are based on an average size taken from two directions points +/- 1".

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