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Native Texas Pecan Lumber

Native Texas Pecan Lumber
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Thicknesses:  Length:  Due to many variables in ordering, please contact us at 254-307-8624 or mesquitevalley@yahoo.com

Native Texas Pecan Lumber
Native Texas pecan lumber! One of the most character-rich woods of Texas, pecan is a very hard wood that works easily, finishes beautifully and exhibits striking color contrast. The heartwood is a dark brown, while the sapwood is an off white with lots of intersperced streaks of red and brown. We usually have a supply of extra wide boards and planed slabs available in pecan (up to 23" wide!), and we also can supply you bookmatched boards for special projects. Please contact us with questions on availability of special size planks. Occasionally we have spalted pecan available; please call for details.

FYI: The largest pecan tree in the USA is located in Weatherford, TX, about 1 hour away from Mesquite Valley Woodcrafts.

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