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Dimensional Lumber

Dimensional Lumber
~Lumber sales are by phone or e-mail order only~
~Our free shipping offer does not apply to lumber~

We can ship lengths under 8.5 feet via UPS. Please e-mail or call for exact quantity pricing. If you have special requests, we will do everything possible to fulfill your order, just let us know!
Please note that pictures show the wood under a natural finish and are only a representation. Actual wood color may vary.

Our shop service is very popular for businesses as well as individuals as it helps you reduce time in-house. We offer dimensioning service, planing, jointing, panel glue-ups and wide belt sanding. Feel free to call for details.

Mesquite Lumber
Price: $9.99
Prices starting at $5.99
American Elm Lumber
Price: $5.99
On Sale! $4.99
Curly Maple Lumber
Price: $9.50
On Sale! $8.75
Aromatic Cedar LumberNative Texas Pecan Lumber
Price: $6.24
Prices starting at $4.99
Texas Walnut
Got questions? E-mail us at mesquitevalley@yahoo.com