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Texas Walnut

Texas Walnut
Item# TexWalnut

Texas Walnut
We occasionally come across Texas Black Walnut trees, which are famous for their character-rich beauty. Right now we have a great selection of wide slabs up to 24" wide, some with live edges, some without. We also have some slabs with crotch grain, and occasionally stock with flame figuring.

Also available is dimensional lumber up to 10" wide in both 4/4 and 8/4 thicknesses.

Standard prices per board foot:
Dimensional lumber:
4/4: $6.50
8/4: $7.50
Wide slabs:
4/4 12-18" wide: $11
8/4 12-18" wide: $14
4/4 18"+ wide: $13
8/4 18"+ wide: $15

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